Gandi Innovation Inks

Gandinnovations Ink division produces some of the most vibrant, durable inks within the digital printing industry. We know what our customers needs are and produce a product which exceeds the toughest demands.

Solvent Inks

The Gandi branded Solvent inks exhibit excellent flexibility & superior adhesion, manufactured using only the most lightfast pigments such as those used in the automotive industry, which makes the inks suitable for use on outdoor displays such as billboards & vehicle wraps.

UV Curable Ink

Gandi branded UV-curable inks are specially formulated and have been developed by Gandinnovations and manufactured by one of the world leading ink manufactures Sun Chemicals, for use in our world famous Jeti Flatbed and Roll-to-Roll series of grand format digital printers. The new Gandi branded UV-curable inks exhibit excellent fl exibility and superior adhesion to polymeric substrates like acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), coroplast, polycarbonate, polystyrene, different grades of PVC, polyolefins, polyesters and many others. These new UV inks will guarantee the customer's finished printed product, whether it is on roll stock or rigid substrate, does not peel, flake or chip when cut on any automated dye cutter or router machine.

Aquajet Ink

Gandi branded waterbased inks are specially formulated for use in our world famous Jeti Aquajet RTR series of grand format digital printers, producing a vibrant wide color gamut and extreme color fastness.
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